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A Phenomenon That Should Have Come From California

Facebook is one of those 21stcentury phenomena that make people say, “Only in California,” even though Mark Zuckerberg co-created it when he was a student at Harvard. I guess people tend to think of our state as the undisputed home of products and services you have no need of until they’re ubiquitous and you lament how…

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Calif Primary

My market research consultant York Ray-Zee—please sound out her name and we’ll get along just fine—burst into my office a few moments ago, all “het’ up.” (“Het’ up” is an expression no one I know actually says, along with “’Sup?”)

“Dr. Goldman,” she respectfully said …

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State’s Tech Program

A billion dollars in 2019 money is, like, a billion dollars.

I mention this because 13 years from now, you’re likely to see a sentence like this: “Back in 2019, the budget for California’s planned accounting technology improvement program went past $1 billion—which…

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