The Devil’s Superstore

Satan is alive and has designed the in-store wayfinding system for IKEA.

Authorities say he also may have taken a crack at the following:

a. Suggesting routes on Google maps;

b. Writing the tiny disclaimers on two-page magazine ads for prescription-only medications (“Call your doctor if you never had eczema but wanted…

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Predicting Earthquakes

Having lived through a few earthquakes, though never in any real danger (except for believing I was in real danger), I’ve been fascinated by California scientists’ declarations recently that they’ve found a way to detect an earthquake—as much as a few seconds before it hits. To me, this is not a serious improvement on…

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Calif Primary

My market research consultant York Ray-Zee—please sound out her name and we’ll get along just fine—burst into my office a few moments ago, all “het’ up.” (“Het’ up” is an expression no one I know actually says, along with “’Sup?”)

“Dr. Goldman,” she respectfully said …

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