Author: Ed Goldman

Alone Again, Preternaturally

A recent survey suggests that California’s capital may be one of the worst places in the U.S. in which to be single.

Well, of course it is. I live here. I’m single. Surely you can do better. Try Bellflower.

I should point out that the survey was conducted by an …

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Credits Where Credits Are Overdue

California State University’s board of trustees is still gunning for me even though I got my bachelor’s degree from its Long Beach outpost in 1973. It’s suggesting that freshmen should have to take an additional math or science class to get admitted to one of its 23 …

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Cats Aloof?

Because I’m a bit overdue for an eye exam, I thought a recent New York Times article asked if a cat is a “loofah,” not if a cat is genuinely aloof.

I found the notion of using my beloved tabby, Osborn the Magnificent, as a bath sponge to be not only repugnant, but …

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Geezers for President

Now that former three-term New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to enter the race for the democratic presidential nomination, the ages of some of the contenders for septuagenarian Donald Trump’s job—Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Bloomberg, also all in their 70s—are making this look less …

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Welcome to Your World

If you’re just joining us—well, of course you are, this is the first day of this column—let me set the stage for what I hope to have follow every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, unless it’s a national holiday or my wife insists I take a day off. Since I’m not married …

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