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A Social Security Windfall Changes My Entire Life

Just before the tattered, charred and crumpled curtain of 2020 was drawn, I was notified I’d be receiving a windfall from the United States government “on or about January 20, 2021.”

I was so exhilarated I felt I just had to share the news with someone, even though my family always maintained a tradition of never telling anyone what we earned. This included not telling the people living with us, even if we shared a surname.

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For Nearly Three Decades, EditPros Have Helped Others Tell Their Stories

For 28 years, Jeff March and Marti Childs have been doing the write thing for their clients.

The co-founders and co-owners of EditPros create, edit and/or proofread everything from newsletters and websites to books and résumés. They also assist with correspondence, brochures and other marketing materials, based on the very solid presumption that being able to write isn’t a universal skill—and certainly not in the corporate world nor academia.

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Bob Dylan Opens a New Bank Account

Shortly before the close of 2020, legendary songwriter and Nobel Prize winner for Literature Bob Dylan sold the entire catalogue of his songs to Universal Music Group for a sum said to be close to a billion dollars.

Actually, I’m the only one who said “close to a billion dollars.” If I’m off by a few million bucks, I’ll apologize in the way that a politician would: “Was a mistake made? Possibly. Do we regret it? If anyone was offended. It was certainly not our intent.”…

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Not-as-Crappy New Year!

I wish you and yours a Not-as-Crappy New Year! Yes, 2020 is gone! Like the embarrassing acne of youth, Gallagher performances and the devastating flatulence of Rudolph William Louis Giuliani, some effects will linger but the worst may be over.

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Winterizing Tips for the Hearty and Imbecilic

Since autumn officially ends Sunday night, I’m going to start “winterizing” everything within my purview over the weekend. I’ll pour anti-freeze into my car’s radiator, leave at least one faucet in my home slightly dripping each night to help ensure against frozen pipes, wrap my outdoor plants in festive pashminas and encase my garden water spigot in old pajama bottoms.

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