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Covid, the Buffet Slayer!

Covid, the Buffet Slayer! Thanksgiving spreads to avoid pandemic spreads By Ed Goldman I’m assuming very few of us will be hosting Thanksgiving buffets this year.  Ordinarily, the buffet format can be a time-saver: You just make...

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Some Film Sequels That Died on the Drawing Board

In Wednesday’s column, we reported on the planned closure of AMC Cinemas throughout the country because the company, which is the largest owner of movie theaters on Earth, says it has no money left in its coffers. Why people with bronchial problems should have been lending AMC money is an issue for another column.

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AMC Is Closing All Its Moviehouses. Gee, Why?

I thought I’d be sadder when I read last month that AMC Entertainment was in such a cash crunch it may be out of dough by early next year, if not sooner. This is the biggest movie theater company on the planet—but even after reopening more than 80 percent of its cinemas, it experienced a staggering 85 percent drop in attendance since the previous year.

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This is a Good Day to Stand Up for Sacramento Stand Down

At 17 years old, Jacob No is already a purpose-driven man. He says he’s “always had a passion for serving other people,” which has included his volunteering in soup kitchens both in the Sacramento area and Corona Del Mar, where his parents have homes—and, more recently, for Sacramento Stand Down.

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Daytime TV Can Make (or Keep) You Sick

Growing up, I always associated daytime television with being ill. Yet in spite of some drawbacks—my feeling rotten, my mom’s insistence on vacuuming my bedroom floor at what seemed like two-hour intervals, the TV shows, and even old movies—staying home from school was pretty sweet.

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Will Tab Leave More Willingly than Trump?

To keep you momentarily distracted from yesterday’s many elections—and from the fear that if Trump loses and deigns to make a concession speech it’ll include his revealing the nuclear codes—I thought I’d discuss an issue of monumental importance if you happen to think soda is a monumentally important issue.

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