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Some Prose on Posing

I watch as two waiters stand together, back-to-back, surveying the dining room at The Sutter Club’s “L Street Bistro,” the cleverly converted third floor of the institution’s parking garage. It was created to keep serving meals and cocktails to the club’s membership when COVID requirements forced restaurants to serve only al fresco.

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Here’s a Sneak Peek at Some Summer Apps

Through a complicated process involving a fair amount of bribery, physical threats and, above all, remembering to say “please” and “thank you so much,” Sylvio Sylvie, The Goldman State’s chief enforcer and thief, has managed to cadge a sneak preview of apps due for summer 2021 release.

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Pets Have Also Put on Some Pandemic Pounds

If your dog could talk, would it ask you things like, “Does this harness make my thighs look chubby?”—or, more likely, “Are you going to finish that quesadilla?”

Apparently, we sheltering humans weren’t the only ones who put away a few extra groceries from March 2020 to March 2021, the pandemic period also known as The Year Of Living Microwavically.

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Michele Hillen-Noufer Takes a Lifetime of Theatre Skills to Sacramento-Area Students

Michele Hillen-Noufer, founding executive director of the NorCal School of the Arts, tells me she loves what she’s doing so much that she doesn’t miss acting. I’m not sure acting doesn’t miss her, however. She had a dramatic range and projected an incandescent beauty on stage that were rare and compelling—never more in evidence (for me, anyway) than when she played the tragic Desdemona in a production of “Othello” at the Sacramento Theatre Company some years ago. A small, slender woman with the face and grace of a ballerina, she was all you watched—even in other shows that mandated she be a humble ensemble player.

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Confessions of a Selfish Walnut

According to a reliable though anonymous source, I’m a ”selfish walnut.”

The accusation was leveled at me a few weeks ago when I took what I thought was the last available parking space at the Jensen Botanical Garden in the town of Fair Oaks, California, just outside the capital but still in Sacramento County.

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Death Didn’t Become Her: How Joyce Mikal-Flynn Fights for the Living

In all likelihood, Professor Joyce Mikal-Flynn has been dead more times than you have.

Mikal-Flynn, 66, who died a little more than 30 years ago, has a new book in hard copy, e-book and audio formats due out April 27, “Anatomy of a Survivor: Building Resilience, Grit & Growth After Trauma.” It’s being published by Post Hill Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster corporation.

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Some Comments on the Spectacle of Cheap Eyeglasses

I used to compliment people on their eyeglasses. It was a throwback to my childhood when some kids were forced to wear them and, for the most part, weren’t happy about it. It was an easy way for me to make someone feel less self-conscious, no doubt in the hope they would then grow up to…

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