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Cannabis Lounges Could Open Soon in California’s Capital

Meanwhile, back on the left coast, where Governor Goddamn Handsome is running for re-election—but not, as rumored, with the tourist-boosting tagline “California: Your State for Sky-High Gas Prices, Bureaucratic Chaos and Abortions While U Wait”—the Sacramento City Council continues to wrestle with a proposal to allow “cannabis lounges” to be built (and even frequented!).

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‘Tooning Into the Disney War Room

We are in the Disney War Room. Thousands of the company’s Southern California Disneyland employees have been given just 90 days to deploy to Florida’s Disneyworld as the sovereign entertainment empire does battle with the Sunshine State’s forces of evil.

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New Letters of Recommendation

In this era of “likes,” “shares” and excessive customer surveys, I’m surprised that lovers splitting up or nations no longer at war don’t turn around and ask each other for letters of recommendation.

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