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“Just One Thing” Revisited

A while back—on March 17 of this year, to be precise—I wrote that one of the funnier putdowns I heard from time to time begins, “You had just one thing to do—“ and goes on to spell out what that one thing was and how the person being insulted couldn’t even manage to do THAT.

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Let Me Be Perfectly Cleared

I’m not sure if it’s pandemic- or supply chain-related—almost everything is these days—but have you noticed that when you dine out your dishes and glasses are cleared so quickly you’re sometimes still using them?

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Do You Know The Way To Ol’ L.A.?

I flew to Los Angeles last week with my OSSO (oh-so-significant other) to attend a birthday party for the eldest of her surviving eight siblings, a number of whom also flew in from hither and yon, which I think it would be a great name for a law firm specializing in the travel industry.

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Vote By Mail, Repent at Leisure

Starting in 2022, the great American tradition of trying to find your polling place—is it that Episcopalian church around the corner, the Henderson family’s garage a few blocks away or that elementary school named for British-born American cigar maker Samuel Gompers, whose impact on the nation’s history cannot be overstated?—will disappear in California, also known as The Initiative State.

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