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Amazon and 007: Together at Last!

The setting: A lushly appointed office secreted behind a mini-mart/petrol station on the ground floor of a London skyscraper. (Note to IRS: The Goldman State will be writing off this completely necessary research trip as a business expense or lengthy overseas convalescence, depending on which story you buy.)

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Gates vs. Gates: O, How the Mighty Are All-in

Like many of you, I’ve been following the ongoing tale of Bill and Melinda Gates’s domestic worries with equal parts empathy, anger and apathy. The latter part is beginning to swallow up the first two parts. But there’s still time to comment before I nod off.

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Drought Measures Presented in a Dry Manner

Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff of summer and we’re now officially in a drought here in California. Until Governor Gavin Newsom declared it, we were evidently in an ex officio drought, which was a little like having a learner’s permit but not being allowed to climb into the full disaster to buckle up and go for a spin. Or having a designer need to have a licensed architect sign off on an architectural drawing in order to make it an architectural design.

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Six New Warm-Weather Activities Await You!

1. SPF-A-RAMA: A three-day outdoor rock concert co-sponsored by Coppertone and the California Melanoma Research Institute. Promoters will announce details once they find out which three days in a row will be the hottest and whether Death Valley is viable as a venue. Alternate sites include Phoenix, Palm Springs and regional burn centers.

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