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The Dog Days of Fall Are Upon Us

In today’s column we drop in on a therapy session conducted by Dr. Basil “Doggie” Baag, the noted doctor of veterinarian medicine (DVM) who also holds a master’s degree in psychology and, at the moment, a Liv-a Snap, which he proffers to his newest patient, Scamp Tramp VI.

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Two weeks ago I attended two reunions with Cynthia Larsen (whom I’ve coyly referred to as my OSSO—oh-so-significant-other—for entirely too long): (a) an annual two-day event with my high school theatre buddies; and (b) her three-day, 50-year high school reunion.

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Of Windbreakers and Dads: A Survival Tale

My older brothers and I used to wonder what it would be like if our mom died before our dad. We agreed that unlike our resilient and social mom, (who would outlive him by about 30 years), our dad would be a little old man shuffling around a Sears store on a Saturday, wearing his tan London Fog windbreaker (with red plaid lining and cigarette holes), dark blue chinos and avocado green deck shoes.

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