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Amazon Goes All Brick-and-Mortar On Us

As I’m sure you’ve read, heard or been constantly reminded of in social media, Amazon, the online retail terrorist regime, is planning to open some brick-and-mortar stores, initially in California and Ohio, which are so very much alike. (Case in point: they both have “i’s” and “o’s” in their names. You can Google this if you doubt me.)

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You Ferment for Me: In a Pickle Over Pickling

Among my extensive list of idiosyncrasies is that I always keep a jar of spicy Kimchi in my refrigerator. Its contents serve alternately as an appetite suppressor and stimulant. I’m not sure why—but for me, it’s pretty foolproof. I can nibble half a forkful late in the evening and thereafter shelve any thoughts I had of putting up a rump roast as a second dinner at 1:30 a.m.

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