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Amy Brown’s Business Stayed in Shape During COVID

Amy Brown is telling me about a three-week period during the COVID-19 crisis when she and her then-small staff would arrive at her Instaphysique [hyperlink:] studio by 5:30 a.m. to roll some of her patented Lagree Fitness machines into the parking lot in time for the arrival of her first client.

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A sea change for electric cars?

Item: “Two electric vehicles caught fire after being submerged in saltwater churned up by the storm (Hurricane Idalia),” reports CBS News. “Firefighters in Palm Harbor, Florida, cited the incidents, both of which involved Teslas, in warning owners that their rechargeable car batteries could combust if exposed to saltwater.

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Sneaking a Peek at Peaks

A provocative headline in a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal asked, “When Do We Peak Mentally and Physically?” Since I was reading it at 7:30 a.m. while brewing a pot of coffee, meaning I had yet to consume any, I knew the answer: “Not now.”

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All for Drones, and Drones for All!

My new goal in life is to qualify for a Part 107 FAA pilot’s license. It won’t allow me to fly a plane, you’ll be relieved to learn, but will allow me to sing “Send In The Drones,” the song my beloved Stephen Sondheim might have written had he spent more time with lifeguards in the Hamptons before he passed two years ago at the age of 91.

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“The Music Man” and Donald Trump: Together Again

As September heats up in more ways than one, I need to declare that no matter how loathsome, repugnant and vile many of us find Donald Trump (hashtag: #The Crook Who Would Be King), he is not, repeat, not, the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, Nero, Vlad the Impaler, Attila the Hun, the Anti-Christ or the inventor of reverse mortgages.

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