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Four Items In Search Of An Entire Column

I’d call today’s column a potpourri but that word conjures up the overpowering herbal and floral scents of those infernal little sachets elderly people put in their bureau drawers, closets, bathrooms, and possibly tape to their underarms before company arrives.

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Wowie Zowie! Cannabis Judging At 2022 State Fair!

As the year comes to a crashing conclusion, I’m already looking ahead to the 2022 California State Fair. I’m neither into the cranium-rattling rides nor the artery-clogging food—and especially not going on those rides after eating that food—but I always enjoy the art show and student industrial exhibits.

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Merrie Olde England, Guns and Grappling

It’s not exactly an onomatopoeia. That’s a word that sounds like what it’s depicting, like “sizzle” or “plop”— and not, despite how it sounds when spoken aloud, what two-year-old boys yell to their mothers when nature calls and they can’t quite reach the doorknob on the closed bathroom door.

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